ManufactURE for workplace solutions

Every planning and every project we start with a clean sheet of paper.
We offer appropriate solutions according to wishes material, color, size and function

We know about the latest standards of connection methods and signal transmission.
We provide the right connection (panel) - temporary or permanent.
We ensure the optimum workflow.

"With KOMTECH connection panels your workspace will become a multi-functional docking station for any computer and communications technology"

Product Examples> Some of countless possibilities!

Built into the table top

The built-in solution for the tabletop are available as 100% customized workplace solutions.Even as a flush mount noble or in a compact functionally footprint, always the desired connections in quality and quantity will be realized.

Einbau in die Tischplatte

On the tabletop

Not only for temporary installations > KOMTECH provides connection solutions which are mountable on the tabletop.

On the tabletop

Under the table top

Also for this kind of installation position, we offer a flexible choice of connections and surface qualities.

Under Table Connector Panel

Equipment for floor boxes

Since the floor boxes are placed immovably in the office, it is important to provide inserts for each scenario individually.

Equipment for floor boxes

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