AF-TA Skytower standard+


The Skytower Standard+ has a freely definable connector plate, which waives in the contrast to Plenum and Design on the flush-bonded installation of the connectors. The free module place providing the possibility of an connector update.

AF-TA Skytower standard+

Connector plate aluminium
Individual plug connections

Free definable connector plate:
230V, RJ45 LAN, VGA/ Audio, HDMI ... etc.
Technology options:
Control unit PI/O, Lighting
Design options cover and frame:
Powder coating RAL, Wet paint NCS, Engraving / Marking Mounting options:
Tower, covering (pan)

The KOMTECH PI / O control technology is a media control with multiple functions

A flexible customer solution with diverse features which can be applied versatile and lets almost nothing to be desired. Whether as a conference room control, projector control or as a simple media control. The PI / O control technology can be integrated into almost any environment and is simple programmable with the included configuration software. Macro functions, such as a "Power On" / "power-off" sequence, "toggle" and "Push / Release" features multiple locking levels and time delay command are only a few of the many available options.
AF-TA Skytower standard+

The PI / O control technique has two RS232 interfaces and can be extended by a relay, with that room functions such as a screen control, can be realized.The remote relay works independent depending on the project or interlocked.
The space save mounted control panel can be designed individually with up to 8 lockable buttons.
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