AF-TA SkyTOWEr Plenum


The Plenum variant of the Skytower provides as the Skytower Design a freely definable connector plate made of aluminium. Numerous surface finishes allows the individual adaption to the furniture.

AF-TA SkyTOWEr Plenum

Connector plate aluminium
Plug connections flush with connector plate

- Free definable connector plate:
-230V, RJ45 LAN, VGA/ Audio, HDMI ... etc.
- Technology options:
-Control unit PI/O, Lighting
- Design options:
-Nextel coating RAL, Powder coating RAL, Wet paint NCS,
- Engraving / Marking
- Mounting options:
-Tower, covering (pan) Plenum
AF-TA SkyTOWEr Plenum
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