Skytower variations

quality just from the Standard-Line

The AF-TA Skytower is a perfect combination of superior design and excellent quality of manufacturing. Elegant embedded in the table he enables about a cleverly devised magnetic lock the four side open access to the electrical and data supply.
The modular expansion possibilities of the standard variant are 2x8TE for individual supplements of the modular connector panel program. The connecting plate of the Standard+ version can be defined free. Options for all Skytower models: tower, lights, cover (vat)
Product characteristic:
• Attractive design
• Excellent quality of manufacturing
• Four side access
• Invisible connector panel, even with plugged cables
• Customized mounting
• Modular expandability
• Variable adjustable on different sizes (60-80cm)
• Also available with integrated PI/O-control

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The Design variant of the Skytower was awarded with the prestigious reddot design award. The reserved to the Skytower Design plexiglas plate can be equipped in accordance to customer requests with connectors and technology.


The Plenum variant of the Skytower provides as the Skytower Design a freely definable connector plate made of aluminium. Numerous surface finishes allows the individual adaption to the furniture.


The Skytower Standard+ has a freely definable connector plate, which waives in the contrast to Plenum and Design on the flush-bonded installation of the connectors. The free module place providing the possibility of an connector update.


The Standard Skytower is equipped about the existing module places. This standardized production method permits the entering into the Skytower series.

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