Equipped as standard with two 230V Schuko sockets and four 5V USB ports, several devices are supplied with power simultaneously. In addition, the PowerSky is equipped with an on / off switch.



The wireless socket

You know this situation ..
... The batteries of mobile phone and laptop are empty.
Now plug in fast chargers in the next electricity and recharge.

But - where is the nearest power socket?
- Rare in your area!

Normally you would look now for the nearest power socket and use an extension cord.

The simple solution is: "PowerSky"

Instead of cable salad or dead battery - power where you need it.

With the integrated high-capacity battery, you can take your "PowerSky" to all places with you, where you need it.

The cover can be simply folded over hinges and the connectors are located in a white plexiglass plate.


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