A multifunctional helper for control
media devicess

Due the integrated KOMTRANS functionality PIKOM is suitable not only for translating old to new commands. With up to 8x input buttons it can transmit any control commands to the connected media technology by simply pressing a key.

• Translating control codes bidirectional

• KOMTRANS Commands ported to any system

• Device control over RS232
macros, variable data, Power ON/OFF, groups

• Device control over TCP-IP/UDP
macros, variable data, Power ON/OFF, groups

• Device control by keystroke

One example of many:

Renovation of the conference room after 10 years


No reprogramming of existing controls necessary.

With PIKOM you save time and money!

Dimensions (W x H x D)

133mm x 43mm x 101mm

USB: USB connection for programming
and optional power supply of the PIKOM. (min. 1A)
I/O 1-8: At the terminals labeled "IOx" the keys/buttons
are connected.
COM 1-2: At the "COM x" marked terminals, the
devices to be controlled over RS232
are connected.
Status LED: Lights when the system is active.
Blinks when an event runs.
(for example, Macro or set time delay)
Power LED: The Power LED indicates when
PIKOM has enough power.
OneSwitch RS485 Bus: Connection point for
optional extensions. Referred to in the documentation
as OS bus.
Ethernet: RJ45 port for TCP / IP connection
Power: Connection power supply 12-15V (2-3A)

The external power supply is definitely needed
if OS Bus extensions are used.

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