You know the problem? You just want to share just a beamer, which is controlled by a media control via an RS232 interface, but you lack the knowledge to program the existing media control?

We offer you a simple solution: The KOMTECH Komtrans RS232 code translator. This little tool translates up to 32 commands a device (eg projector, plasma, etc.) into the code of a new device. The commands are converted as in a dictionary. The interface is bi-directional design so also 32 codes of the new device can be transferred back to the controller. If the new device does not give feedback so they can be created and given a simulated automatic response to the controller. Each command can be up to 31 characters and is entered in ASCII or HEX format. A simple, intuitive software helps you to make the programming in a short time. The device comes with external AC adapter and two RS232 connection cable supplied. The compact dimensions make it possible in almost any position possible.

• 32 commands per port and direction
• Up to 31 characters per command
• Bi-directional Translation
• ASCII and HEX input
• simulation of status messages
• simulation of feedback
• Intuitive programming
• Different baud rates for both interfaces selectable Function & Application
• Command Filtering
• IF-THEN conditions
• Suitable for the exchange of o projectors from different manufacturers o Switches or cross rails with a different protocol

• Small, compact design
• Ports interchangeable
• External power supply

komtrans modul

Artikelnummer: 06000891


- Flyer PDF
- Manual
- Software WinKomTrans1.4.155.zip

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