Under Table Connector Panel


Under Table Connector Panel

With 2m power cable Invisible installation under the table top guarantees the compact mounted under table connector panels. You can choise between customized fixed or modular mounting.

The frontplate is free configurable. Mounting of external modules is possible.
Cable connection is alternatively solderable, pluggable or with convert cable.
Different surface designs and 2x 230V power sockets are available.
Optionally the signals could be conduct to the backside of the units.

Technical Data UTA 230V
Power supply: 230V/50Hz
Connectors: depending on mounting
Number of power sockets: 2
Room: 24TE
Max. Configurability
Max. number of power sockets: 4
Max. number of modules: 40TE
by non-/partially modular mounting more connectors possible

Under Table Connector Panel

AF-UTA 230V 24TE

Dimension (W x H x D):
269mm x 61mm x 155mm

AF-UTA 230V 12TE Hybrid

Dimension (W x H x D):
269mm x 61mm x 155mm
This AF-UTA is optional available as standard or with different mounting.
Against the two power sockets the 12TE Hybrid has a Cat5e feedthrough,
a VGA female feedthrough, a 3,5mm jack plug feedthrough, a USB-A female
feedthrough and additionally 12 TE room for modular mounting (not included in basic price).


Dimension (W x H x D):
227mm x 40mm x 152mm
Room for 36TE on front- and backside offers this UTA in each case.
Intended for use without mains supply.
Power sockets can´t be integrated.

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