Connector Panels Tabletop

Your conference room is a place to be taken to the often critical decisions. You must be able to rely on a functioning environment.

In our products you can rely on. They stand for functionality, individuality and longevity.

KOMTECH Connector Panels made in Germany
Quality since 30 years


AF-TA Standard

The AF-TA standard is the mother of our connector panels.
This provides plenty of space for cable and / or power supplies.

Two Schuko sockets and 2m network cables are included.
AF-TA Standard 24TE
AF-TA Standard 40TE
AF-TA Standard 48TE


AF-TA EasyConnect T310

The latest version of our connector series field KOMTECH Easy Connect is even more compact, space-saving and easy to install.

Two Schuko sockets and 2m network cables are included.


AF-TA Hybrid

These connector panels can be customized / equipped modular.

About a one sided up to three sided strip the cable be conducted by closed cover out of the aluminium corpus.
AF-TA Hybrid T-300
AF-TA Hybrid T-380
AF-TA Hybrid T-520


AF-TA Hybrid Slim

Desk connector panel with lower installation depth

The room under the desk top to the floor is to small to integrate a connector panel in
the desk? Or should the connector panel be so unobtrusive as possible?
AF-TA Hybrid Slim T-315
AF-TA Hybrid Slim T-365
AF-TA Hybrid Slim T-405



The 1-working place-solution

Compact design - the complete unit is customized composed and mounted. International power sockets available on request.
AF-TA SE 160
AF-TA Hybrid SE 160


Motorized Desk Connector Panel

Basic Series

Motorized desk connector panels of KOMTECH simplify the use of media technology in your conference room. Unused the connector panel is still a piece of table surface. By pushing a button it turns into an individual connector field for modern equipment.


AF-TA Skytower

High standard from the beginning

The AF-TA Skytower is a perfect combination of superior design and excellent quality of manufacturing. Elegant embedded in the table he enabled about a cleverly devised magnetic lock the four side open access to the electrical and data supply.



Little brother of TA Skytower

High-class mounting and individual design are identifying features of KOMTECH.
Features which you can find also at this desk connector panel.

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