Motorized Desk Connector Panel


Motorized desk connector panels of KOMTECH simplify the use of media technology in your conference room. Unused the connector panel is still a piece of table surface. By pushing a button it turns into an individual connector field for modern equipment.


The Basic-Series
offers, like all KOMTECH connector panels, the usual top manufacturing in tested quality.
The user-friendly system is easy to understand for employees and visitors.

Flexible & Individual
Both available sizes of the Basic Series are flexible mountable with AV-, power and data interfaces - according to your individual requirements. Various details of the connector panel could be matched in required colours.

Operation & Using
By pushing the green arrow, the connector panel turns from the rest position to the table surface. Integrated sensors detect the using and prevents the unwanted closing. If all connectors have been removed, the connector panel could turn back into rest position via pushing the red arrow. Now it locks to a flat surface.

Is the connector panel unused for a while it closed automatically.
So it creats an organised appearance in conference rooms.


Motorized Desk Connector Panel 2/4 (2/6 > Flyer)
- 2x 230V / 3 free module places
- Colour: black
- Outgoing cable length: 3m
- Needed cut out in the table (W x L):105mm x 325mm
- High of connector panel: 104mm
- Inclusive mounting set

With the Design Line modern equipment will be a part of your bureau and conference rooms. The user-friendly system and individual connectors with latest technology guarantee an easy understanding for employees and visitors.
Detail: sensor buttons
Detail: sensor buttons

Detail Standard - modules
Detail Standard - modules

Detail Design-Line
Detail Design-Line
Impromptu connecting plate of black Plexiglas - flush connections.

pdf Flyer Basic Series  
- Flyer Design-Line

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