AF-TA Hybrid

AF-TA Hybrid

customized and modular


The connector panel Hybrid is available in two sizes:

AF-TA Hybrid T-300

AF-TA Hybrid T-380

In the Standard variant the free module places are equipped from the available module program.The Standard+ variant has a freely definable connector plate but waived - like the Standard version - on the flush mounted installation of the connectors. In the Plenum variant The connections can be freely defined. They are flush mounted in an aluminum plate. Rounded precious is the connector panel in the Design variant. The freely definable, flush mounted plate of plexiglas can be labeled individually.

Is the cover closed, the cable is guided about a one-to-threesided brush strip from the aluminium body. An integrated, not visible when closed, storage keeps order. The cable connectors are optional available solderable, pluggable or with molded cables. The supplied network cable has a length of 2m Furthermore, many functional variants and application versions available, such as the optional fitting of a PI / O control systems and the installation of external modules. Cable eyelets for strain relief, high security by a closed housing and the physical separation between signal and power lines are already proven and integrated standard features. The standard finish of the Hybrid Series is Aluminium HQ Structure with Superb Resistance Eloxal.

Design options:
Aluminium HQ Structure with Superb Resistance Eloxal is our standard surface for cover and frame.

Cover and Frame are available in following versions:
• One or three sided strip
• Aluminium rolled
• High-grade steel
• Corian®
• TIN surface
• Smoked glass
• Prepared for veneer
• Choose your own surface from about 500 different “Decor“ surface designs!

Technical options:
• Configuration of AF-TA Hybrid T-380 with a fold-out carrier for a Revoluto microphone
of beyerdynamic))))
• Expandable for 1/2 19“ units (e. g. via troughs of the mini series)
• Individual gravures, like your company logo (template), e.g.
-AF-TA Hybrid
AF-TA Hybrid black with Revoluto

Possible champfer designs when basic material is aluminium:
• Outside radius R2/pointed
• Outside radius R2/Radius R5
• Champfer 45°/pointed
• Champfer 45°/Radius R5

Possible champfer designs

Possible champfer designs

Possible champfer designs

Possible champfer designs

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