Each conference room is unique - Each workplace has its own individual needs

We understand this for over 30 years. KOMTECH becomes a manufacturer of mechanical and electromechanical media integration technology with a focus on communication spaces.

Our developers are constantly working on new, custom-made products. Quality is the main ingredient in all our products. We use exclusively high quality materials and components, processed and made up by us as far as possible. This allows to fulfill customer requirements, which can not be realized in mass production.

We work closely together with the architects and engineers from the design, construction, installation and service.

competent partner for OEM-customized special solutions

KOMTECH is one of the most competent OEM-partner for any kind of tailor-made special purpose solutions. The products, normally distributed by a broad network of specialist dealers, are used by industry and insurance companies, banks, broadcasting stations, universities and in the field of medical and security systems.
KOMTECH Kommunikationstechnik GmbH is an internationally active company since 1982, located in Friedberg / Germany, Hessen

Many years of experience and a high competence in the companies R&D and manufacturing department have set up the ability to realize product innovations, where KOMTECH is able to respond in a fast and flexible way on the different individual customer needs and the constantly changing market requirements. 

The high professional qualification of the KOMTECH employees is a leading factor for the success of KOMTECH. Our own manufacturing department in Germany guarantees not only the required high quality of the products but also a fast and cost optimized order processing. 

The mother of our connector panels

AF-TA Standard

The mother of our connector panels

Our basic principle was originally to offer tailormade quality products. This principle still exists today. In the past we could provide individual connection methods by using interchangeable modules. The current standard models still offer this possibility. Over time, however, along with the purely technical requirements, the creation and design of desktop connections has become Komtech's central core competence.

Nowadays numerous surface finishes, modified layouts as well as connection panels produced according to OEM requirements are available to our customers.

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