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ProjeCt: SPiegels

microphone lift and connector panel Integration

For the high-end conference table solution of spiegels KOMTECH has developed connector panels and microphone lifts as OEM version. Nothing should interfere with the elegance of the table and at the same time. By frameless integration into the table top, the installation is only via a narrow line visible. The solution can be integrated easily into every furnitureand of course also be adjusted in the design.

Solution for microphones: The microphones are always there when you need them - permanently installed - but only visible, if you really need them. Every video conference can start on time - without the time-consuming providing of the technology previously.

Solution for
connector panels: The connector panels are accessible via a manually operated valve. These were performed as a design line, because if they are used, the door is open and are also visible. A fine example of how the media technology may also look very high quality!
Project: SPiegels
Photo: OEM variant microphone lift with beyerdynamic microphone

KOMTECH microphone lift Animation

OEM-variant for spiegels in function.

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