A existing infrastructure consisting a lectern and projectors, should modified to transmit presentations from various sources such as mobile devices (VGA, HDMI, DP) and the integrated PC (HDMI) to different screens.

The presentations from the connected devices should to be displayed on up to 3 projectors if needed.

In the lectern we integrate a EasyConnect connection-plate with HDMI, VGA, DP and 1 integrated HDBaseT- and a remote HDBaseT transmitter (for PC).

EasyConnect Anschluss

The source selection and input switching is done via keypad with 4 illuminated keys (HDMI, VGA, DP, PC)

In front ot the projector inputs are EasyConnect daisy chain repeaters installed which convert the incoming signal to HDMI or via HDBaseT (CAT) to the next projector forward.

At the last beamer is a EasyConnect-Receiver Basic installed.

Media Technical Cooperation: 
SIE-media GmbH

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