Volksbank Mindener Land


Renovation and media technology update of the meeting rooms

The desktop connections should be accessible from all sides and the cables - easy to store - always be present in the room. The entire media technology, such as the desktop PC, the media control, as well as cable and switch should be stowed under the table and be easy to use.

The company G. Fleischhauer TV Communications of Hanover, which should provide for the planning and implementation, found in media technology specialists KOMTECH and furniture manufacturers Rhode & Grahl the right partners to implement these requirements.
KOMTECH integrated into the proven connector field Skytower up to 9 electromotive cable retractors per connection field. Under the table receptacles were installed to secure the cable retractors in which the above technique could be accommodated.
In a room up to 17 cable retractors can now be controlled via media control via an RS232 connection.

Driving all cable retractors in a room is only one button - it's that easy!
In order to incorporate the CI of the bank, the logo of Volksbank Mindener Land was printed on the cover of the connection fields for optical rounding.
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