Hungarian Competition Authority, 
Hungarian Competition Authority

Hungarian Competition Authority,
case study

It is always a great challenge for the system integrator to plan and implement modern AV technology in a listed heritage building while making sure that it perfectly integrates into its environment regarding both its function and appearance.

The Hungarian Competition Authority made a decision this year to have the lower part of its old and tarnished building constructed in 1869 converted and restored.

The tasks of planning, interior design and technical inspection were performed by KROKI
architectural studio, whose associates have been awarded several architectural prizes in the past decade.

In coordination with the Hungarian company GALAX Kft, Budapest, which was responsible for the media equipment, KOMTECH has built a special form to the specifications of KROKI, of the connector panel SE160. For a round overall picture, the terminal fields were adjusted with a special finish exactly on the stainless steel surfaces of the fittings supplied by Bosch and Albiral.

The finely elaborated Komtech desk connector panels are situated between the monitors, also concealed in the table, encasing the individual cables.

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