Good planning - good communication

As with any representative design also this KOMTECH project has been achieved a high standard for the details. The proven desk connector panels Hybrid Slim T-365 and T-380 Hybrid were merged into a new desk connector panel, equipped with microphone solution "revoluto" of beyerdynamic.

The microphone is rotated by pivoting mechanism in the connector panel, if it is not needed. The cover flap and the frame of the surface-flush desk connector panels are made of anodized aluminum. The also very flat desk connector panels were equipped with power and data connections according to demand.

The usual blue status LEDs of the integrated media control were swapped into green LEDs. This underlines KOMTECH claims on detail solutions. The furniture specialist Wilkhahn has equipped the conference room with mobile tables. Here KOMTECH could offer a suitable solution. About connecting levels at the end of the tables the "master" and "Satellite Tables" are coupled.

In consultation with the system integrator AbisZ media, table mounting vats were developed to cover finally the technology, which was bolted under the tables and were adjusted to the ambience.


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