KOMTECH developed a special product line for the bureau furniture manufacturer Interstuhl for the exclusive bureau furniture series "Silver" and "Axos".The complete furniture series comprised always table, chairs, container and sideboard. The KOMTECH control system is modular and individual to arrange.

The particular clou of the total media technology system:
It´s modular and individual to arrange.

The particular "extra": the stylish signalized table for the boss.

In various projects, which were realized in common with Interstuhl in the last months,
the KOMTECH control technology convinced a multiplicity of customers.


Table "Axos"  

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Interstuhl "Silver"

At the "Silver" linie the complete intelligence is integrated in the conference table. Based on the design specifications of Interstuhl the brushed aluminium surface of the desk connector panel fitted in discrete in the surface design of the table.

The cover opens by easy pressure oneself to show the different connecting and controlling possibilities. The comfortable control of a LCD display or a beamer, which can be integrated in the table, from the conference table is solved in an easy to use way.

Furthermore there is a "look at me" function integrated, which displays the user exactly what is activated at present. With an optional audio package and the possibility to integrate an extensible screen the user can top off the system.


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Interstuhl "Axos"

The "AXOS" line is the similarly stylish but a bit moderately priced version. In this system the same intelligence and "look at me" function is integrated.
The cover of the connector panel can be open from all four sides. The different connecting and controlling possibilites are hidden under the cover in a spacious housing. The audio package is also available as an option.

A view "inside" - the masterdata connector-block

Conference table Axos with black chairs.

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