Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Mechanical and electronic custom

Our products are known for their high level of individuality. KOMTECH manufactures more than 75% according to the customer. The flexible production processes, complex changes occur in all operations.

Made products in the mechanical field, which to our daily business. It can be installed a variety of plugs and sockets. Standard products will be amended to expand the ideas of the client and adjusted. The parts are milled and engraved KOMTECH in the house.

When the cable assembly are also all the variations that are technically feasible, possible. By mixing different cable lengths over contacts (24W7, for example) to more complicated HARTING connectors are designed by our staff, and implements solutions for clients.

With electronic devices, adjustments are made to customer specifications. Special solutions are discussed and defined with the user, and then planned and designed by our own development. In the case of the manufacture of these developments, people, just like the standard products, placed high value on reliability and quality.

Even the extensive support after the handover to the customer is natural for us.
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