KOMTECH Hotel Easy Connect

The essential solution for exclusive hotel rooms.

Just connect – finished! - Demanding hotel guests have
their own communication and entertainment devices.
They naturally want to use them during their stay in the
hotel via the legacy In-Room-System, like at home in their
livingroom. This demand you can provide in a fashionable
and convenience way.

The well designed technology is hidden behind a black
plexiglass panel in combination with a high quality aluminium
frame. The KOMTECH Hotel Easy Connect is easy and convenently to handle via touching the symbols. Is the system switched on and a new device connected at any port the integrated intelligence automatically swithes to the specific port. All signals are converted directly in HD-signals. Simply one signal cable (type HDMI) is necessary for connecting the system to the In-Room-TV System. Optional the system is also available with a bluetoothreceiver for wireless transmisson of audio signals.
It doesn´t matter which devices your guests bring to
your hotel - circumstantially declarations are

In the maximum version the system communicates via the integrated RS232 interface directly with the In-Room-TV System and switches it if needed to the correct input comfort.

No more searching for the correct input to the TV system
or the right button on the remote control. Not longer
necessary for the guest.

The KOMTECH Hotel Easy Connect offers your guests
easiest intuitive operation with regard to their demand
and comfort.

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